Positions available

Graduate Students (M. Sc., Ph.D.) and Postdocs
Different positions are available for postdocs or graduate students to study (1) cellular/circuit mechanisms of inhibitory modulation of hippocampal inhibitory interneurons; (2) dendritic integration,Ca2+ signalling and synaptic plasticity in hippocampal interneurons. A broad spectrum of methods will be involved including whole-cell patch clamp electrophysiology, two-photon Ca2+ imaging in slices and endoscope imaging of network activity in awake mice during behavior, optogenetic and pharmacogenetic manipulations, single-cell transcriptomics, electron microscopy and genetic approaches. Applicants should have a competitive CV with background and previous research experience  in physiology, neurobiology, biochemistry or genetics. Applicants with strong analytical and computational skills or background in optics and photonics are also welcome. The priority will be given to candidates with prior experience in electrophysiology.

To apply, send your Research Interests Statement, CV and transcripts to Prof. Lisa Topolnik: [email protected]. In your cover note, highlight the particulars of your background and give the names and contact information of two individuals for references.